Custom-built products


The following are just a few examples of products we’ve built for clients

Please contact us to see how we can turn your idea into reality!


Vacuum Desiccator Cabinet (Five Shelves)

Part # 20006

Includes valve for vacuum, valve for backfilling with inert gas, and a vacuum gauge

Tall Anodized Aluminum Test Tube Holder

Part # 20011

In standard SBS footprint, holds 24 tubes. Available with various well diameters to accommodate up to 18mm diameter tubes

Custom Work Surface for Tecan System

Part # 20018

Holds specially designed test tube blocks (Part # 20016 – see below)

Special Test Tube Blocks

Part # 20016

Made from Delrin for use on a Berger SFC instrument

Assorted Custom Vial Racks

No Part # – Please Contact Us

We design racks to allow to use the vial or tube of your choice on almost any instrument

96-Well Mixer

Part # 20032

Useful when trying to mix reactions in a standard format 96-well plate


Part # CR

These aluminum carts make mammography and x-ray equipment mobile between different doctors’ offices

Custom-Ventilated Enclosures

No Part # – Please Contact Us

For use with automated equipment, instruments or storage. Extremely sturdy extruded aluminum frame with Lexan or Acrylic panels. Many different door options available, including vertical/horizontal sliding, top- or side-hinged. Double vertical sliding doors (sash) with counter weights for applications that need maximum vertical door opening while being super-easy to open. (Part number varies with the model.)

High-Temperature Shaker

Part # 30009

Shakes your reaction blocks inside an oven or incubator up to 100 degrees C. Motor and electronics are located outside the oven via a 1″ diameter access hole.

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