Need timely lab equipment repair? Machine upgrades and retrofits? Regularly scheduled maintenance? Rytek can provide you with these services and more! To learn more, read on …

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Lab Equipment Repair

Shakers, evaporators, vacuum pumps, or similar small equipment play a vital role in your research or production processes. When they fail, sending them back to the manufacturer costs you time, and suddenly that equipment doesn’t seem so small anymore.

We offer on-site repair or quick turnaround on shop repairs. We are often able to source parts locally, which helps you quickly get back on track.

Buchi, Hettlabs, Edwards, Savant, and Welch are just a few of the brand names that we are familiar with.

Machine Upgrades and Retrofits

As processes change, your equipment might need to change so it can handle new products. Possibly a component upgrade to help overall machine performance?

We can make a change based on your observations and specifications, or we can spend time on-site and do a full evaluation to ensure that the change is the right one.

Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

Running a startup that isn’t fully staffed? Or is your company established, but prefers to outsource specialized tasks like technical maintenance? We can provide you with the maintenance help you need, when you need it.

Do you have a regular maintenance schedule for your equipment? If not, we can help you create one. And we’ll help you carry it out.

OEM Representation

Rytek offers OEM representation for businesses that might need qualified assistance in the Southwestern United States.

Want quick on-site response by a certified representative from your company? Your clients couldn’t be happier.

Custom Fume Hoods and Enclosures

Custom-tailored equipment enclosures can help capture harmful fumes and protect employees from exposure. Each enclosure is built to your specifications. Or we can do the measurements for you and suggest extras like:

  • Removable sides for equipment/instrument access
  • Counter-weighted guillotine-type doors
  • Countertop styles
  • Floor-to-roof styles
  • Internal light fixtures

Put 10 years of award-winning service to work for you!

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