Our 10th Anniversary!

Thank you for 10 years

On May 5, 2015, Rytek Technical Service marked its 10th year in business. In addition to serving clients in the United States, we have been busy with projects in Europe, Asia, and South America.

In other news

Rytek wins a Small Medium Business Customer Service award! A May 1, 2015 Inside Tucson Business story commends our versatility, flexibility, and openness with customers.

In this story, Rytek owner Ryan McCoskey says, “Many of our customers like the fact that we can add tools to their equipment. For instance, we work with a lot of robotics that pick up and move parts. In a liquid handling situation that would be prone to human handling, the robot might be moving liquid from one well into 50 wells. We could produce a piece of equipment to the customer’s specifications that could make that process more effective.”

Put 10 years of award-winning service to work for you!

Ryan McCoskey
Rytek Technical Service
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